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Dear Church Family,
We’d like to share with you the following message.
Suzanne Riedel
Clerk of The Mother Church
Dear Fellow Members and Friends,
With great gratitude for the continuity of good, the Christian Science Board of Directors extends heartfelt thanks to Lyle Young, C.S.B., who will be stepping off the Board at the end of April to return to his loved home base in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. On May 1, we will welcome Richard Evans, C.S.B., to serve on the Board.
Lyle’s contribution to the Board and our Church over the past six years as Director, and his service as Clerk from 2013 to 2015, has had a worldwide impact. His pure and buoyant spirit, his care for the global family, and in particular his knowledge of the Christian Science fields in Latin America, Africa, and parts of Europe, have greatly benefited The Mother Church. We look forward to the ways he will continue to serve the Movement through his metaphysical clarity, genuine love, and multilingual facility.
After joining The Mother Church in 1984, Lyle entered the public practice of Christian Science in 1987, and became a Christian Science teacher in 1991. He has served as Committee on Publication for Ontario and Canada, First Reader of The Mother Church, and Christian Science lecturer, in addition to writing extensively for Church periodicals. We are also very grateful to his wife Elisabeth, who is deeply devoted to Church and has selflessly and cheerfully supported Lyle’s work.
Lyle reflects that, “After nine years of constant travel as Committee on Publication, four years of worldwide travel as a lecturer, and nine years serving as an Officer of The Mother Church, returning to my first calling of the public practice and to teaching will be a most welcome opportunity for renewal and rededication.”
We are also delighted that Rich Evans has agreed to step on to the Board on May 1. Rich came to The Mother Church in 2015 to assume the responsibilities of the Manager of Committees on Publication. He has brought great grace and metaphysical strength to this work. Prior to his full-time commitment to practicing and teaching Christian Science, Rich practiced law and was an executive officer in several global corporations. Throughout his life, his interest in diverse cultures has been evident in his early Peace Corps service in the Philippines and in many of his business career assignments. He and his wife, Blythe, who is also a Journal-listed practitioner, have actively engaged in the Boston community since moving here from Arizona, where Rich served as the state’s Committee on Publication.  
Rich comments, “I’m grateful to serve the Church in this new way, and I leave the Committee on Publication with unbounded appreciation for the individuals with whom I was so fortunate to work and for the opportunity to learn more about the Committee’s true purpose, forged wisely in our Church Manual. What wonderful preparation it has been for joining the Board of Directors, whose example of modesty and real affection in serving the Cause of Christian Science, I have grown to know.  It is with much joy, expectation of God’s loving guidance, and desire to help fulfill His plan, that I step into this next opportunity in unity with my fellow Directors.”
An announcement about the new Manager of Committees on Publication will follow in coming weeks.  We join all of you in thanking God for guiding every progressive step of the Cause of Christian Science.
With love,
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